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Natural Gas is ....

Clean burning, reliable, and naturally abundant. Modern gas furnaces have an efficiency level of up to 97%.

Value... Natural Gas is Americas #1 home heating value. More than half the homes in the United States use natural gas heat. 9 in 10 new single family homes in the midwest feature natural gas.

Reliable... Gas is an American resource. 99% of our gas is produced in North America. Gas ensures we enjoy the freedom of an energy source beyond foreign control.

Power Our Future.... Gas currently accounts for 25% of all energy comsumption. There is enough to supply at least the next 100 years.

Natural Gas is better than Electric.

Gas heat is cozier than electric heat. Gas systems deliver warmer 120 degree heat compared to 90 degree air produced by electric heat pumps. Gas is immediately ready for consumption. Electric energy is more expensive as it requires another energy source to generate electric power.
Gas appliances cost less to operate and have longer life expectancy. On average, you can dry two loads of laundry with gas for same cost to dry just one with electric power. Gas hot water tanks operate at about half the cost of similar electric models. On average, it costs half as much to cook with a gas range as a similar electric range. A gas range heats up and cools down quickly and features simple temperate control.

Natural Gas is better than Propane.
You will see a significant cost savings by converting to natural gas. Most propane furnaces can be easily converted to natural gas. With gas service you will get a metered statement and we offer a flexible monthly budget payment program. You not run out of natural gas because it is piped directly into your home. No more large unsightly storage tank!

Natural Gas is better than Fuel Oil.
Natural gas is clean burning. You will not have the odor associated with oil. Gas is produced domestically and is abundant. Fuel oil prices are expected to rise about 8% this year according to the government.

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